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Vol.1 added to archive!
by andeh
26th Feb 2020, 9:46 AM
good news, I decided to upload the original Destroyer Idols arc to the archive. So enjoy !!! :D <3
by andeh
6th Aug 2013, 6:42 PM

well now! TGPB are back. and hows that for a slap in the face? xD the comics i have uploaded are the continuation of the first volume "Destroyer Idols" which you can buy at indy planet or read online at the official site

now lets get this show on the road!

Welcome to the NEW world of The goddamn panty brigade
by andeh
24th Feb 2013, 5:45 AM

Wow. were to start TGPB has had a few stages/phases. First it was acomic  about a random crazy bunch of drunken geek punk girls. THEN it was abut teh same lot of girls trying out for an idol contest just to troll it. but they won a contract out of it and ended up going to some magical idol school. all under the guise as legit wanna be idols but it ended up being abou treasure hunting.

Now we welcome the 4th phase.

Were off to the future!!!  This is going to be a story about  the girls getting launched by some ancient artifact into the year 2084 when the world has become this  cyberpunk dystopian society. it will be about the impact the girls have on the people they meet. these girls are all very self centered and by no way heroes. so itll be a fun ride. SO buckle up! with (hopefully) better writing! and more fun!